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Metastockswiss.ch is the official Metastockdistributor & trainer site for Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria. The site is maintained by Straiton & Partner, Switzerland who have been providing professional support for Metastock users since 1998.

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Our services include distribution of Metastock software and Thompson-Reuters market data. We develop custom indicators and trading systems, offer technical analysis training courses for both private and institutional investors and offer remote support for users of Metastock products worldwide.


The Stoxxtip Stock Scanning Module

...for above-average investment performance!

Stoxxtip Stock Scan

The Stoxxtip market scanning module covers four major stocks markets and selects index constituent companies which have delivered the highest performance over the past 40 weeks. The Stoxxtip weekly updated stock scan list is a portfolio of 40 well capitalized stocks based on performance momentum selected by Tim Straiton (Research Director at Stoxxtip.com). The Stoxxtip scan filter will show you the stocks to buy with the highest probability of upside potential.

Annual Subscription: $99.00