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Paragon Trading

Paragon Trading
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Colin Abrams developed the Paragon Trading Toolkit on the principles of simplicity, using his years of experience. He found that keeping it simple still works best in the market. The Paragon Trading Toolkit is designed to be approachable, understandable, and easy to trade with discipline.

Training Schedule

Order now and get the following 5 recorded training sessions by Colin Abrams, the creator of Paragon. Recorded training is available after these dates.*

  1. Market Basics
  2. Asset Classes, Charts, and Trends
  3. More Trends!
  4. Technical Analysis Tools
  5. Technical Analysis Tools Continued
  6. Reversal Patterns, Continuation Patterns, and Volume

The Paragon Trading Toolkit includes six unique systems.  These are:

  • Paragon Dow Theory Signal Line Chart
  • Paragon Trendfinder 1.2
  • Paragon Trendfinder, Dow Theory Combined
  • Paragon Key Reversal Bar
  • Paragon MA-205 Entry System
  • Paragon Weekly Buy Setup

Paragon Dow Theory Line Chart

This method is based on Market Structure and is derived from a larger theory.  Buy signals are automatically generated based on Higher Highs and higher lows.  Sell signals are generated based on lower highs and lower lows – but with Colin’s unique twist.

Paragon Trendfinder 1.2

This method is created to identify the trend. Recognizing trends are the basis of all profits and recognizing them is a vital element of trading.  

Paragon Trendfinder, Dow Theory Combined

This method combines the Dow Theory and Trendfinder 1.2.  Colin Abrams’ analysis found better signals will occur during established trends.  This method will sometimes miss the first signal in a new trend, but this method provides even greater consistency and reliability

Paragon MA-205 Entry System

A simple but powerful system that aligns itself with the short-term trend. Entries trigger a 5-period moving average. The best signals occur when the prices are close to the 20-periods MA following pullbacks. When the prices are farther from the moving average, they might be overbought and likely to pull back toward the MA.

Paragon Weekly Buy Setup

This analysis is intended for use on weekly data and usually signals the start of a multi-week rally. Possible trades based on this signal include taking a short-term buy in a lower time interval (i.e., daily) and waiting for confirmation (the price breaking above the high of the signal bar). Or any other short- term entry in the direction of the reversal, such as a trendline break, or moving average cross. Or simply when the Weekly Buy Setup signal triggers. Therefore, the Paragon Weekly Buy Setup creates the environment or “setup” for a multi-week reversal of trend. Exact entry is discretionary.

Paragon also provides automatic buy and sell signals, signal explorations, and the ability to find securities that are primed for a purchase opportunity.  This means you’ll be able to:

  • Get detailed bar by bar feedback with plain English definitions
  • Scan thousands of stocks to find the best to trade now based on any of the six methods
  • Test trading ideas across thousands of stocks to find the best opportunities now.  
  • Get real-time up to the second buy/sell signals and alerts.


  • Paragon Dow Theory Signal line chart
  • Paragon Key Reversal Bar
  • Paragon MA-205 Entry System
  • Paragon Trendfinder v1.2
  • Paragon Trendfinder, Dow Theory Combined
  • Paragon Weekly Buy Setup

System Tests:

  • Paragon - MA-205 Entry System w/10MA Exit
  • Paragon - MA-205 Entry System w/5MA Exit
  • Paragon - MA-205 Entry System w/Next Bar Exit
  • Paragon Dow Theory Signal
  • Paragon Key Reversal Bar/w Exit After 2 Days
  • ParagonTrendfinder 1.2

Expert Advisors:

  • Paragon Dow Theory Signal Line Chart
  • Paragon Key Reversal Bar
  • Paragon MA-205 Entry System
  • Paragon Trendfinder, Dow Theory Combined
  • Paragon Trendfinder1.2
  • Paragon Weekly Buy Setup

About Colin Abrams

Colin Abrams has been actively trading the market since the mid- 1980s. He trades financial indices, stocks, commodities, and currencies. In 2001 he completed the three-year Chartered Market Technician (CMT) course run by the CMT Association in New York. In 2002 he started his website, where he provides technical research to retail and professional traders and institutions. He also consults fund managers around the world.

He has managed a hedge fund and currently manages a fund of US-listed ETFs.

He has made regular appearances on TV and financial radio. His work has also appeared on numerous local and international financial websites. Finally, he holds a master's degree in Industrial (Organisational) Psychology.