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The Elasticity 2 Trading System addresses traders' demand for an easy-to-use trading concept that delivers a relatively high win-to-loss ratio and triggers trading signals in the direction of the current trend. It also indicates a protective stop loss and a suggested profit target on every trading signal generated.

The Elasticity 2 Trading System is accompanied by a convenient template that displays stop loss levels, profit target levels, and the 29-period moving average. This comprehensive tool provides all the necessary information at a glance, making your trading experience more efficient.

The add-on includes an expert advisor with insightful commentary that indicates the intermediate trend and the relative strength index value. This feature provides a clear understanding of the market conditions, helping you make informed trading decisions. The system status is also displayed, with trading instructions tailored to the active system state.

The following three explorations are included:

  •     Scan for all opening buy and sell signals on the markets surveyed.
  •     Scan for all closing long and short signals on the markets surveyed.
  •     A performance report on all open, long, and short positions, indicating the price at which the trade was initiated and the current stop loss level. Performance for each trade is displayed in points and percentage values.

The add-on also comes with a well-organized manual that covers how to use it, trading psychology, fund allocation, technical Analysis, and risk management.

About Timothy Straiton

Timothy Straiton was born in London and domiciled in Zurich, Switzerland. During the 1970's he worked for Bank Leu in Zurich as a precious metal trader. Since then, he held various leading positions in the financial industry. He was a board member and active lecturer with the Swiss Association of Market Technicians from 1988 until 2015. He has been an official distributor and coach for MetaStock Chart analysis software for Switzerland, Austria, and Liechtenstein since the late ’90s.

The close association with the people at Metastock has enabled Timothy to come up with original trading concepts which culminated in the production of the Elasticity Toolkit, a Metastock Add-on which enables traders and investors to approach the financial markets with discipline and confidence.