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Bollinger Band Histogram

Shows the price relative to the upper and lower Bollinger Bands. Levels above 100 indicate exaggeration on the upside (take profit on long positions), while levels under 0 indicate exaggeration to the downside (take profit on short positions).

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Bollinger Band Histogram

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The CCI Trade System for Metastock

CCI Trade System for Metastock

Your chance to make consistent profits in the Crypto, Forex and Stock Markets! This system integrates the Commodity Channel Index with a custom trend indicator in order to identify long entry levels in bull markets and also to identify short entry levels in bear markets. All positions are protected with a stop loss for both short and long positions. The system takes profits when extreme overbought and oversold levels are encountered. The CCI Trade System runs on both Metastock End of Day and Metastock Realtime versions.

Price: $99.00