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Your Leading Resource for Metastock Trading Systems, Indicators and Explorations

Metastock Code Source is a favourite destination for Metastock users who need tested code examples for developing their own trading systems, indicators and explorations.
Metastock Custom Indicators
ATR/Bollinger Bandwidth
Average Directional Movement (ADX)
Bar Strength
Body Momentum
Bollinger Band Bulge and Squeeze
Bollinger Band Histogram
Bollinger Bandwidth
Chande Trendscore Indicator
Change in Moving Average Direction
Choppiness Index
Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
Consecutive Higher Closes
Consecutive Lower Lows
Daily Pivot Point (restricted Display)
DEMA and TEMA Crossover
DMI Line
Donchian Channels
Dynamic Moving Vertical Lines
Efficiency Ratio
Ehler Distant Coefficient Filter
Fibonacci Downside Projection Calculator
Fibonacci Retracement Calculator
Fibonacci Upside Projection Calculator
Gann Swing
Highest Close
Highest High
Hull Moving Average
Inside Bar Buy Level
Inside Bar Long Exit Target
Inside Bar Long Stop
Inside Bar Sell Level
Inside Bar Short Exit Target
Inside Bar Short Stop
Inside Bar State
Jackson Zones
Kase CD
Kase Dev Stop Crossover
Keltner Channels
Keltner Trend Filter
KST Daily
Laguerre RSI Indicator
Last Active Price - Restricted Display
Lower Bollinger Band Hookup
Lowest Close
Lowest Low
Macd Divergence
MACD with Histogram
MACD-V Volatility Normalised Momentum
Money Flow Index
Monthly Pivots
Moving Average Ribbon
Percentage Distance from Moving Average
Percentage Price Oscillator
Performance over the past x periods
Pin Bars
Pivot Points (Intraday)
Premier Stochastic Indicator
QQE Indicator
Relative Vigor Index
RSI Divergence
Schaff Trend Cycle
Stochastic Momentum Index
Stop Loss % Version (long positions)
Stop Loss % Version (short positions)
Stop Loss ATR Version (short positions)
Stop Loss ATR Version (long positions)
Straiton Trend Filter
Sum of moving Average Crossovers
Supertrend Indicator
Support and Resistance Trend Lines
Three bar net line
Trailing Stop Loss
Trend Direction and Strength
Trend Direction Indicator
Trend Power in Percent
Trend Stagnation Warning Indicator
Triple Double Stochastic Binary Wave
Triple plot momentum indicator
Upper Bollinger Band Hookdown
Vertical Horizontal Filter (VHF)
Vidya -Variable Moving Average
Wedge Formation
Wilders Smoothing
Metastock Custom Systems
ADX Directional Movement
Bollinger Bands
CCI Crossover
Chande Momentum Oscillator
FX Pattern System
Ichimoku System
Keltner Channel System
MACD System
MACD with Kase Dev Stop
Price breakout of yesterdays range
Relative Strength Index System
Stochastic Oscillator System
Metastock Custom Explorations
5 day surge in volume
Average True Range in Percent
Binary Trend High
Date of last event
Expansion Pivots Buy
Expansion Pivots Sell
Higher Closes
Lower Closes
MACD-V Trend Filter
Percentage Price Oscillator
Relative Strength Comparative
Stocks Trading Above the 200 day MA
Straiton Trend Filter