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Metastock 17

Metastock 17

Metastock 17 - The most powerful version of Metastock ever produced!

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We have just launched the all-new MetaStock 17. You Spoke. We listened. Check out all the new features.

The features you've been asking for... and then some.

QuoteCenter is your one-stop spot to see the current status of the securities that you are interested in. You can view your pick list, your positions, your indices… any list you choose. More than that, you can easily build and set up lists using QuoteCenter, then click right through to a chart. Watch the Video

OptionScope puts all critical info at your fingertips. The OptionScope option chain display gives you sortable, customizable, color-coded options data – including the Greeks. You can even click though to an options chart to continue your analysis. Watch the Video

Elliott Wave System
The MetaStock Elliott Waves System gives you the ability to chart High, Medium and Low Volatility Elliott Waves. You can even scan for the most profitable waves and classic Elliott buy/sell signals. Formally a best-selling $300 MetaStock Add-on, this system comes standard in MetaStock 17. Watch the Video

Martin Pring's Special K Systems
Take advantage of Martin Pring's time-tested method for identifying emerging sectors in the market cycle. Formally a $299 add-on for MetaStock, Martin Pring's Special K combines short, intermediate and long-term time frames into one series. Watch the Video

RMO Commentary
Now you can take advantage of the legendary Expert Advisor commentary to describe in detail why and when bullish or bearish setup has occurred in the RMO, giving you the knowledge and confidence you need to take the trade. Watch the Video

Automatic Online Symbol Database Updates
No more symbol maintenance. You are simply notified when your Symbol Database has been updated. Watch the Video

Pre-market and Post-Market Data
Some of the most important market moves take place outside regular trading sessions. Now, with MetaStock R/T you won’t miss a beat because Pre-Market and Post-Market data are built right in. Watch the Video

Enhanced Usability
Details are important in order to make a software package easy and intuitive to use, while still packing a punch. MetaStock listened to our client's feedback and have added a host of new usability features to MetaStock 17. Watch the Video

  • Renamed Files and Formulas in MetaStock to be more user-friendly
  • Ability to quickly and easily back-up your user files.  
  • Clear Smart Charts in one click
  • Faster Load time
  • User Memory - Each time you open MetaStock, it remembers where you left off
  • More responsive symbol search
  • Easier access to past exploration results
  • Quickly manage multiple explorations in the Power Console
  • Easier-to-read Power Console interface
  • Easier access to creating custom lists
  • When closing multiple charts at the same time you can choose to “Save all” or “No to all”
  • Ability to adjust data in Downloader
  • Tab to next cell/field in Downloader
  • Consistent name of items copied in PowerTools
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