What is metastock?

MetaStock is science for traders

Simply put, MetaStock is a tool for traders to analyze the markets on a sector, industry group, and security level. It uses charts and indicators to help you decide when to take and when to exit trades. No system is perfect, but MetaStock helps you become a more successful trader by improving your odds over all. It also helps take the guess work out of trading by offering a methodical, systematic approach. When you incorporate science and logic into trading, you are less likely to rely on hunches, guesses, fear, or greed.

MetaStock is a professional-level tool for traders of all types and abilities

MetaStock is packed with the tools professional traders have come to expect (and some that exceed expectations):
  • Analyze stocks, FOREX, futures, ETFs, e-mini, and more
  • Scan, sort, and rank thousands of securities
  • Back-test multiple strategies on multiple securities
  • Get insights from industry experts
  • Use over 200 standard indicators, or design your own
  • FREE professional support
  • MetaStock is an award-winning performer