Where will prices go next? And when?

Make more precise profit targets and stops with the MetaStock FORECASTER

Imagine if you have a tool that could paint a more probable, easy-to-read picture of the future? A picture based on patent-pending technology that uses any of 67 event recognizers. A picture that helps you more precisely set profit targets and stops. That’s what you get with the MetaStock Forecaster, the latest PowerTool The FORECASTER plots a “probability cloud” based on your selection of any of 67 event recognizers. It uses advanced mathematics to examine the price action after these events to determine the probable performance of future events. You can use the FORECASTER to:
  • Run a detailed analysis projecting the future of a security
  • Read a detailed analysis of an event’s past performance
  • Get a list of dates on which events had previously occurred
  • See the probable out come of current events
  • Discover which events a security reacts best to
  • And more
  • The FORECASTER offers new ways to analyze trading signals and provides insight to future performance.