Solutions for all traders

An icon in the trading industry, MetaStock D/C is perfect for the end-of-day trader.
It’s packed with most of the features of our more advanced products. Use it to trade stocks, futures, and more.

Now powered by MetaStock XENITH, MetaStock R/T is the flagship of the MetaStock lineup and the industry standard among real-time private traders.
You simply can’t buy a more powerful retail trading software package for stocks, FOREX, futures, and more.

How much does MetaStock cost?

There are a variety of MetaStock options to fit any budget. You have the option of buying MetaStock outright, then subscribing to the data or subscribing to MetaStock plus data on a monthly or annual basis. The following is not comprehensive and is subject to change. For our latest and most complete pricing list, call a sales professional at
+41 79 414 2909
or download the current price list here.
Charting and Analysis Software
One Time Purchase Software Subscription
Metastock $ 499.00 $59/month $565/year (includes one region of Reuters DataLink end-of-day data. Additional regions available)
Metastock R/T $1'395.00 $100/month (software only)

Data and News
Reuters DataLink End-Of-Day Data
(for N/S America Stocks & Mutual Funds.
Other regions and futures available)
$27.95/month $299/year
MetaStock XENITH (FX Package) $99/month $1069/year
MetaStock XENITH
(for N/S America. includes stocks, futures, and FOREX.
Other regions available. Exchange fees additional.
Data is delayed unless exchange fees are paid)
$150/month $1620/year