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Indicator Pack

Indicator Pack
Current Price : $ 10

The Metastock Advanced Custom Indicator Pack includes the following indicators that work with all versions of Metastock. The intraday indicators will only work with Metastock Real-Time Versions.

  •         ATR in % of Close
  •         ATR/Bollinger Bandwidth
  •         Bar Strength
  •         Choppiness Index
  •         Daily Pivot Point for Intraday Data Restricted Display
  •         Daily Pivots for Intraday Data
  •         Difference from Moving Average in Percent
  •         Efficiency Ratio
  •         Hull Moving Average
  •         Laguerre RSI Fast
  •         Laguerre RSI Slow
  •         Long Percentage Stop
  •         Long Volatility Stop
  •         Lower Bollinger Band Hookup
  •         MACD with Histogram
  •         Money Flow Index
  •         Plot Highest High
  •         Quantitive Qualitative Estimation Indicator
  •         Short Percentage Stop
  •         Short Voltility Stop
  •         Sum of Closes above the Moving Average
  •         Trailing Stop
  •         Upper Bollinger Band Hook Down
  •         Vertical Horizontal Filter
  •         Weekly Pivot Point for Intraday Data Restricted Display